Family owned and operated since 1969

Family owned and operated since 1969, Tri-State Carpet, Inc. evolved from a one-man shop into one of the most successful single-source flooring contractors in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Serving both residential and commercial markets, the reason for Tri-State Carpet, Inc.'s success is a simple one: an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Commitment to quality and customer service unrivaled by our competitors.

What Makes Us Different

We take a team approach to selling, which allows us to focus on all aspects of a client's needs. Everyone directly involved with a project is invited to actively collaborate to find the best way to complete each component of the project. [learn more]

LEED & Green Building Principles

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system to provide a national standard for green building design. [learn more]

The Right Solution

Disposal of old flooring isn't as simple as ripping it up and throwing it in a dumpster. Our reclamation program will make it just about that simple for you, however. It is LEED compliant and can be used for LEED accreditation. [learn more]