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Department and Employee contacts

If you're not sure with whom you'd like to speak, please access our Branch Offices listing to find the location nearest you.

* Senior Staff
Lauren E. Boyle Treasurer
Michael P. Boyle Senior Estimator
Michael P. Boyle Jr. Accounting
Shawn Curran Comptroller
John R. Hicken Founder/CEO
Thomas E. Hicken President
Robyn L. Hicken Buyer
Jacie L. Huegel Corporate Secretary
Donald T. Huegel Manager/Milford Division
* Estimating Department
Matthew Bucher Estimator/Milford Division
Nick Painter Estimator
* Project Assistants
Ryan Boyle Project Assistant
Stacey Davis Project Assistant
* Project Managers
Richard Byerly Commercial
Valerie Harrison Commercial
David Michaloski Commercial
Fred Rau Commercial
* Labor
Tom Hicken Jr. Manager
* Warehouse
Fred Davis Foreman
Kirk Holliday Foreman
* Maintenance / SaniGlaze Division
Susan Bechtold