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PRODUCT MAINTENANCE SECTION-Commercial flooring is a substantial investment for any business and well-worth protecting throughout its life-cycle. Keeping carpet looking and performing its best every day can be accomplished easily and economically with a well-planned maintenance program.

Allstate Rubber Base Maintenance
provided by: Stoler Industries
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Altro Maintenance Information
provided by: Altro
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Cleaning and maintenance practices will ultimately determine the general appearance and functional benefits offered by the entire range of Altro floor covering...
Amtico Maintenance
provided by: Amtico
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Routine cleaning includes prompt removal of spills, daily dry soil removal and performing one of three wet cleaning options daily or as needed based upon usage, soil load and desired aesthetics. Periodic Scheduled Maintenance should be performed when routine maintenance no longer maintains the optimal appearance.
Armstrong® Commercial Floor Maintenance
provided by: Armstrong®
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Maintenance of Resilient Commercial Floors
Atlas Maintenance Guidelines
provided by: Atlas
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Carpet Maintenance Guidelines
Azrock Maintenance Manual
provided by: Azrock
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Product Maintenance Guide
Bentley Maintenance Guidelines
provided by: Bentley Prince Street
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By implementing a routine carpet maintenance program, you preserve and maintain your floorcovering and extend the life of your carpet investment.
Cambridge Contract Maintenance
provided by: Beaulieu Commercial
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Beaulieu Commercial
Your commercial carpet installation is a significant investment both in monetary terms and overall facility image. It is the goal of this publication to assist you in maintaining the original appearance of your commercial carpet.

There are many factors involved in a well-planned maintenance program. The first and most important factor in maintaining a commercial carpetís appearance is product selection. Color, texture and density are very important considerations when determining a facilityís carpet needs.
Johnsonite® Base Maintenance
provided by: Johnsonite®
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Johnsonite® Rubber & Vinyl Wall Base Maintenance Instructions
Lees Carpets Maintenance Manual 2008
provided by: Mohawk Group
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Maintenance from the Start

Your floor covering choice is an investment. It should last for many years, looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. Lees Carpets guarantees and provides handsome, stain- resistant, economical carpets that will last a lifetime. But to keep your carpet looking beautiful, proper maintenance is a must.
Mannington® Inspirations and Essentials
provided by: Mannington®
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MANNINGTON Maintenance Procedures

Mats Inc. Walkoff Mats and Runners
provided by: Mats, Inc.
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Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions are recommended to ensure the product maintains its desired appearance and effective performance, as well as ensring a long life span for the product.
Mohawk Commercial Carpet Care
provided by: The Mohawk Group
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Commercial carpet is a sizeable investment.

Naturally, you want your carpet to remain attractive and highly functional long after it is installed.A well programmed maintenance schedule will extend your carpetís performance, appearance and life... so treat it like itís your own.
Nora® General Maintenance
provided by: nors® Rubber Flooring
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Make sure to maintain a good walk-off area in the entrance of your facility to prevent as much dirt from entering the building as possible.

nora® floor coverings have a factory finish which helps to protect the floor covering from scratches and damage during construction.
Roppe Rubber Base Maintenance
provided by: Roppe
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Maintenance Instructions

Roppe Rubber Stair Treads Maintenance
provided by: Roppe
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Maintenance Instructions

These procedures and recommendations apply only to Roppe® rubber floors and stair treads.
Roppe Vinyl Base Maintenance
provided by: Roppe
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Maintenance Instructions-Vinyl Wall Base