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PRODUCT INFORMATION SECTION-Manufacturer provided information regarding construction, recommended usage, storage and handling.

APAC ENCapSeal Tech Data
provided by: APAC
Type: Adobe PDF File  Size: 276 KB  Uploaded: November 8th, 2018
ENCapSeal™ is a high solid, fast drying, polymer
based compound formulated to seal floors against moisture vapor emissions, and also serves to encapsulate old adhesive residue in direct glue down floor covering applications...
APAC V-Block Tech Data
provided by: APAC
Type: Adobe PDF File  Size: 141 KB  Uploaded: November 8th, 2018
APAC V-Block is a solvent free, polymer-based, primer-sealer...
Ardex CD Concrete Dressing Spec
provided by: Ardex
Type: Adobe PDF File  Size: 71 KB  Uploaded: November 8th, 2018
Portland cement-based and modified with high-performance polymers for high bond strength, use ARDEX CD™ over the surface of existing concrete to produce a new wear layer, as well as to fill in small surface defects such as spalls, gouges, and cracks. Use to restore existing concrete surfaces, including sidewalks, patios, plazas, courtyards, walkways, driveways, parking garages, pool decks, and most vertical concrete surfaces. When mixed with water, the result is a creamy, smooth slurry consistency that can be applied by trowel, squeegee, or hopper gun. Once applied, ARDEX CD can be broom textured before it sets for a reduced-slip surface.
Ardex K 15 Tech Info
provided by: Ardex
Type: Adobe PDF File  Size: 354 KB  Uploaded: November 8th, 2018
Designed specifically for fast leveling of floors
Use to level and smooth interior concrete, terrazzo, quarry and ceramic tile, cutback adhesive residue, wood, and metal.
Ardex P 82 Ultra Prime Spec
provided by: Ardex
Type: Adobe PDF File  Size: 60 KB  Uploaded: November 8th, 2018
For wood, cutback, metal and other non-porous substrates. It is a waterborne two-component primer that seals the substrate and improves the bond of ARDEX Underlayments and Toppings.
Azrock VCT Specification
provided by: Azrock
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VCT Specifications
Lees® Faculty IV Specification
provided by: Mohawk Group
Type: Adobe PDF File  Size: 87 KB  Uploaded: November 8th, 2018
Broadloom Carpet by Mohawk
Construction Specification
Performance Data
Mohawk Group Everseal Spec
provided by: Mohawk Group
Type: Adobe PDF File  Size: 23 KB  Uploaded: November 8th, 2018
One-Coat Concrete Primer & Sealer

For Mohawk, Lees, Karastan Contract, and Bigelow Commercial Description: Everseal is a penetrating as well as a film-forming modified acrylic compound to be used to protect against moisture up to 8 lbs. MVER, and alkalinity up to a pH of 11.0. It may also be used to treat dusty or porous substrates for a better bonding surface. Everseal is nonflammable and dries to a clear film that is alkali, plasticizer, and water-resistant.