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Heavy Lifting requires more than a strong back

When you are installing new flooring in the highly specialized, high-tech commercial, retail, public space and library environments, you can run into a lot of obstacles. Literally. Obstacles that need to be lifted out of the way so you can get your floor in fast with minimal disruption to business and the least possible downtime. And that type of lifting requires a lot more than raw power. It requires specialized lift equipment, experienced operators and a well thought out plan.

That is where Tri-State Carpet’s proprietary lift systems come in. Developed especially for lifting furniture, racks, and merchandise in place our lift systems speed up flooring jobs in these business environments by days — if not weeks. There is no need to dismantle furniture, disconnect equipment or empty cabinets to move them, and there's no damage to your facility during the move. This work can be scheduled while you are closed, so the disruption is minimal. From any existing type of flooring to new carpet tile throughout at a fraction of the expense, lost time, and project duration as a complete tear down. It just makes sense.

Specialized, safe lifting. It's another piece of the flooring process equation. And another solution we bring to the table as full service fully experienced flooring project managers.