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Tri-State Tile Restoration, Inc.

Tri-State Carpet, Inc. is proud to provide the most cost-effective solution to tile and grout cleaning in Philadelphia, PA and Delaware.

The cost-effective solution for tile and grout cleanliness

SaniGLAZE® is a proprietary and revolutionary tile and grout restoration and maintenance system that puts an end to unsightly, dirty, and odorous commercial facilities for good.

Eliminates mold and mildew

Moisture is the most common element that allows mold and mildew to develop and breed in tile and grout. So controlling moisture is one of the best ways to help eliminate it. Independent laboratory tests confirm that mold and mildew cannot breed in SaniGLAZE® because its "restorative bonding" technology creates a nonporous protective surface that prohibits moisture and contaminant absorption.

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